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Tejada's films are all about pleasant surprises: eclectic aesthetics, a predilection for surreality, unexpected shots and avant-garde techniques. With plasticity at its core, his work is always seeking to explore new mediums and technologies to enhance what matters the most: the story.
This unique combination is pretty much a reflection of his unique life. Born in a family of athletes, he chose to drop a cycling career to seek a professional unicycling one. As crazy as it sounds, it worked out and allowed him to travel and ride all around the world. It was on this unicycling journey that he also found an ever-growing love for photography.

From there on, it all went natural: his technical approach to art led him to assist reputable artists on digital projects, to coordinate complex post-production projects as a VFX supervisor and ultimately to shooting and directing ads, music videos and interactive projects for brands such as HBO Max, Budweiser, Becks Beer and DIAGEO. 
Currently, Tejada lives in Brazil but you will most likely find him on the starting line of any ridiculously hard sports event around the world. 

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